Coconut prawns (shrimp)
Entrees item created by Kim, Apr 27, 2013
  • Dead simple, and dead impressive for entree or nibblies at a "do"

    Coconut Prawns

    Green (uncooked) Prawns - Jumbo Shrimp (peeled but tails still on - cleaned)
    Egg (beaten)
    Shredded Coconut (not desiccated)
    Oil for frying

    Have 3 bowls ready, and the oil on a medium heat.

    In the first bowl place the cornflour
    Second bowl, the beaten Egg
    Third bowl the Shredded Coconut
    Do the prawns one at a time, and have them ready to fry in small batches

    Toss prawn in cornflour and shake off any excess
    dip the prawn in the egg to cover, let any excess run off
    Toss the prawn in the shredded coconut, pressing firmly to make it stick and to slightly flatten the prawn out down the back

    Place on a plate until you are ready to go with the frying - refrigerate if lengthy delay prior to cooking.

    Make sure the oil is at the right temp, then gently slide the prawns into the oil, they should bubble but not be browning too quickly, they take a few minutes to cook through - place on a paper towel lined plate and keep warm until they are all done.

    Serve with Lime Wedges, or aoili or a Chilli Mango Salsa and salad for a class entree!

  1. Derek Still
    Yummo - loved these with lime flavoured rice.