Kashmiri garam masala
  • Kashmiri Garam Masala
    (Makes 1/3 cup)

    1.5 tablespoons fennel seeds (saunf)
    1.5 tablespoons caraway seeds (shahjeera)
    2 small bay leaves
    1 tablespoon black cardamom seeds
    ¼ tsp. green cardamom seeds
    one thin 2.5-inch stick of cinnamon
    1 tsp cloves
    1 tsp. fenugreek (methi) seeds
    ½ tsp black peppercorns
    1 big petal of mace (javithri)
    1 star anise
    ¼ tsp. grated nutmeg

    Lightly toast all ingredients (except the nutmeg) just until aromatic. Cool, add the nutmeg, and grind it into a fine powder. Store in an airtight jar, preferably in the freezer.