Light BLT Sandwich
Low Calorie item created by Kim, Apr 27, 2013
  • Delicious light version of a BLT (my fave sandwich!)

    Lighter BLT for one (obviously double, treble etc for however many people you have eating)

    2 slices Whole grain bread
    2 slices Short Cut bacon (Canadian Bacon, Back Bacon) With the fat removed
    25gm (lg tbspn) Light cream Cheese spreadable
    1 small tomato sliced
    handful of salad greens of your choice

    Grill or pan fry (without fat) the bacon,
    Toast the bread, and spread with the light cream cheese.
    Arrange the bacon, tomato and really stuff a big handful of greens in there!

    Now eat... YUM!


    My one based on my products was - 299 Calories.
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