Derek Still
  • A very simple but scrumptious treat.


    170 g self raising flour
    60 g caster sugar
    110 g unsalted butter
    Additional caster sugar for dusting


    1. Whisk butter and sugar in a mixing bowl until it's smooth and it no longer feels "gritty"

    2. Sift flour into the butter mix.

    3. Press mixture into a loose bottomed rectangular tart pan which had been lubricated well.

    4. Impress the surface all over with a fork

    5. Cook in an oven heated to 180C (160C fan) for 15-20 minutes. Avoid letting the shortbread get too brown.

    6. Remove from oven and sprinkle with the extra caster sugar

    7. Leave on the swiss-roll tray to cool for 5 minutes and then carefully arrange on a cooling rack.

    8. The shortbread will harden as it cools.
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  1. Kim
    I love shortbread nice looking recipe - thanks for sharing it with us!