Candied Yams
Side Dishes item created by JRSofty, Dec 25, 2013
  • This is my recipe for Candied Yams, or Candied Sweet Potatoes. I have no idea how many portions this makes, since I'm the only person in the family who'll eat them ;)

    500g Yams (Sweet Potatoes).
    80g Brown Sugar
    80g White Sugar
    60g Butter
    Juice from 1/2 200g Orange (I have no idea how much that is actually)

    Clean, peel and slice Yams into pieces approximately 4cm. Put into large pot with other ingredients. Heat until sugar melts, and allow to cook until Yam pieces are fork soft but not mushy (approximately 20 minutes).

    Serve hot. Goes well with Turkey.
  1. JRSofty
    The idea is that the Yams have a glaze on them, not sitting in a pot of melted sugar. You can also play with the sugar amounts to suit your tastes I think.
  2. JRSofty
    They weren't too bad. Sadly I'm the only one in the family who likes Yams. I made a few mistakes, which I think I've fixed here. The first was that I had used too much sugar at first. The original recipe I got the ideas from was for 3 pounds of Yams, I only had 1, and I forgot to reduce the amounts. Second I forgot to add the butter. That is really important if you aren't trying to make rock candy. All in all they came out ok though. I adjusted the recipe before posting.
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  3. Kim
    Sounds interesting! I find a lot of those recipes are too sweet, but with a fairly modest amount of sugar, this might be worth trying :) How did you enjoy them Jason?