Chocolate Mousse for cake filling
  • This is a easy yummy chocolate mousse filling for cakes.

    The cake will have to be refrigerated if you use this mousse due to the cream in it.

    43gm - Caster Sugar (this is roughly 4 tbspns or just under a quarter cup)
    43gm - Glucose syrup (this is roughly 2 tbspns)
    43gm- Water (43ml)

    200gm Dark Couverture Chocolate
    300ml Pure Cream - (whipping cream, not thickened cream)

    In a saucepan over a medium heat, bring the Castor sugar, Glucose and water to a simmer.

    Meanwhile break the chocolate into small chunks in a heat proof bowl.

    Pour the hot liquid over the broken up chocolate, let sit for 5 minutes and then stir until smooth - leave to cool, but not harden. Below 35C

    Whip the Cream until soft/medium peak stage, and very gently fold through the cool ganache mixture.

    Place into a large piping bag and use straight away to fill your cake layers.

    Refrigerate immediately after.

    Do not attempt to apply any frosting or ganache etc on the outside of the cake, until the mousse is completely firm and solid, otherwise you risk squooshing it out the sides when you apply any pressure to the top or sides.
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  1. Kim
    Jason, You can use it as a chocolate mousse too, just pipe it into nice glasses and allow to set :) Use a ziplock bag and cut the corner off if you don't have piping bags :D
  2. JRSofty
    My wife is a big fan of chocolate Mousse, I'm wondering if she might like this idea.
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  3. oman
    YUM, this looks good.
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  4. Kim
    You don't "pour" the cream, the cream is whipped to soft peak stage, then gently folded into the cooled chocolate mixture. :)
  5. lisar1975
    when do I pour the cream say?
    sorry kim I cant remember I havnt made this for a long time
    thank you for replay back thank you for putting the recipe back up xx