Beef Rouladen
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  • Something we made recently, and my wife says I should share with everyone here. The fun part for me is trying to describe it in English as I'm not sure if this is known outside of Germany. I know I didn't know about it until I met my wife.

    Beef Rouladen are basically filled beef rolls. You will need to get thin long strips of beef to do this. Here you can get them from the grocery shelf, or at the butcher's counter. The beef strips should be about 0.5cm thick, and at least two hands big weighing in about 125 grams each. Another way is to take a beef steak and pound it out with a meat hammer.

    3 rouladen
    1 small onion
    6 cornichons (small pickles)
    12 slices salami
    some mustard (normal mustard)
    salt and pepper
    125ml water.

    Chop the onions, and cornichons, but put them in separate bowls do not mix together. Take a rouladen and add a little salt and pepper then smear some mustard on one side so that the side is completely touched (you still want to see the meat under the mustard). Then take a small spoonful of onion and one of cornichons and spread them over the mustard. Next add three slices of salami over the cornichons and onions. Finally tuck in the short sides of the rouladen, and roll along the length. Fasten with a toothpick.

    Once you've done that for all the rouladen place them in a deep pan with a little hot oil and quickly brown the outsides of the rouladen to hold in the moisture. Once they are brown, lower the heat on the pan add the water and put a lid on them. They take about 1 hour to cook through.

    You can use broth instead of water, and you can use thickeners to make a sauce from the liquid after the rouladen are done.

    Goes well with mashed potatoes and rotkraut.
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