Make your own Sauerkraut!
Side Dishes item created by JRSofty, Aug 24, 2014
  • Sauerkraut, the most common of German culinary arts. Sauerkraut is a side dish for all kinds of meals, and is 1) cost effective, 2) nutritious, and 3) quite tasty!

    Typically you buy your sauerkraut at your grocer that is either in a can or in a jar. However, it's not that hard to make your own sauerkraut at home!

    What you need:
    1 head of white cabbage (2 to 2.5 kg)
    50g Salt (we prefer sea salt but not required)
    optional 5g Caraway seeds
    and glass jars with lids, size is up to you.

    Start by chopping the cabbage up very small. Then mix well with salt. You should use your hand to knead the cabbage and salt together until juice is seen coming out. Next you will want to mix in your caraway seeds if you want. Make sure they are thoroughly mixed in with the cabbage.

    Wash your jars and quickly rinse them out with hot water, and fill them tightly with the cabbage and juices. Cover with a plastic foil and the close the lid on top. Place the filled jars in a large plastic dish to catch anything that bubbles out during the fermentation process.

    Initial fermentation is best done in the kitchen at 18 degrees Celsius, for about 3 to 6 days. Then you can store them in the basement for up to a year. After 14 to 21 days the sauerkraut is ready.

    Remember to eat sauerkraut on New Years day to make sure you have enough money for the rest of the year ;).