Our Overnight Oats Recipe
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  • I'm not exactly sure how low calorie this is but this seemed like the best place to put this.

    Recently we've started having overnight oats for breakfast. I've found this to be a very nice way to start my morning and it holds me well until lunch.

    Typically you are supposed to mix this all up in a glass and store it in the refrigerator over night. For this recipe I'm using Weck Round Rim 80 glasses. You'll see these in the pictures. These have for us the perfect size and fits in our small refrigerator.

    This recipe will cover only the base contents, I'll discuss extras later.

    For the base recipe you'll want:
    • 40g Whole Grain Oats
    • 40-50ml Milk
    • 1 tsp. Honey
    • 1 tblsp splintered almonds
    • Plain Yogurt (I don't measure this to be honest).
    This is per glass if you are going to make more glasses then increase accordingly.

    In your glass measure out 40g of oats. The in the list above I said whole grain oats, these are flat but they have not been pressed through a roller. These are nice as they add some much needed texture in the mix typical rolled oats turn too mushy for our taste. After you've measured out your oats then add the honey, almonds and milk. You can also add some seasonings depending on what extras you are going to use, like if you use an apple then add a little cinnamon. Mix this all together well and then with your spoon pack it to the bottom of your glass. After this I add some yogurt. The Yogurt we use is a simple white unsweetened yogurt. I place a nice layer on top of the oats mixture. This is how all ours is made. After this we put the fruit.

    Favorite fruits we use are:
    Blackberry (Bromberry)

    We've also tried banana but that didn't come out as good.
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