Cherry Pie

Discussion in 'Baking' started by JRSofty, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Sadly no photos for this one as the eldest boy ate the majority of it before I thought to get photos.

    So this weekend I decided to splurge a bit and made a cherry pie. It was my first attempt at making a pie from scratch (pie dough included) but found a recipe on a German site and thought I'd give it a shot. It actually came out pretty good, and tasted mostly as I remembered cherry pie from the States. The crust was a little bland, not sure what I could have done to make it taste any better, seeing the recipe called simply for flour, sugar, butter and ground hazelnuts. The filling was pretty good though, the recipe had me use the cherry juice and some pudding powder to make it thicker as the binding for the cherries.

    Like I mentioned the eldest boy devoured the pie. His younger brothers were skeptical about the use of cherries (they don't really care for them) and stuck with ice cream, while my wife, eldest son, and I had pie and ice cream. The boy ate two pieces back-to-back and then just before bed asked if he could have another piece, we allowed him a half piece. I'm pretty much expecting an empty pie pan when I get home tonight. Thankfully I was smart enough to snitch a piece for my coffee this morning at the office.

    Not exactly sticking with the low-carb diet but sometimes you just have to splurge a bit to keep up moral. It was worth it in my mind.
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    Sounds lovely!! :D

    I have been wanting to try a low carb pastry pie, might do that down the line when I get some time!!!

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